Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jiu-jitsu,babies and caffeine

Hello everyone,

I am sorry I have not been blogging for awhile. There has been a lot going on.
When my son turned one year old I started thinking more about money. The first year of his life I just thought about keeping him alive -I've never worried about anything so much in my whole life. It has been quite an experience. I started thinking about making more money so he could have as good a life as possible.

I have been very happy to teach jiu-jitsu and not worry too much about other things, but Ronan has changed my perspective a bit. As I began looking for a way to increase my income, I started thinking about what my academy means to me, and how that fits into my new set of goals.

So I opened a coffee shop.

That's right -a coffee shop.

I still have my academy, and the schedule of classes is still the same, and I still teach every day. What I know now more than ever is that I teach jiu-jitsu because I love it, and I am a warrior. When it came down to needing more money to meet my goals, I could have made my academy more commercial. I could have easily changed it over to a money oriented school, but that's not what my academy is for; it is for teaching.

I hope that those who followed my blog before haven't lost interest. Just like when you're on the mat, sometimes in life you find yourself in positions that you didn't expect to be in, but that's when you learn more about yourself and how you think. You learn more about who you are.

I'm happy to be back, and i've got alot to say, so hello again.

See you on the mat,



  1. Welcome back.
    It's good to see you on again.
    It's good to hear your thoughts on the academy. It's good to have a teacher on the mat who wants to teach and teaches well.
    Thank you and see you soon.

  2. It is difficult to try and find the energy to wake up and get to the mat when you have worked 12 hours and only slept for 5 hours. However when you realize you get up for not just yourself anymore, but for someone else to make sure they see their Dad striving and grinding for something that's difficult and rewarding. The lack of sleep and energy doesn't matter anymore. You fight for them and the example you try and lead. So I guess I'm saying I can relate. Thank you D for understanding.